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    In The Mood For Love (2000) dir. Wong Kar Wai


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  3. Inglewood.
    Feel like I’m in San Andres…

  4. Genius’


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    Jenna Wortham

    As a technology reporter for The New York Times, Jenna Wortham writes about mobile apps, Web start-ups, and everything in between. Prior to the Times, Wortham served as a technology and culture reporter for Wired.com. In-depth and comprehensible to…

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    *ugly cackles* Dis too real

    Lmaoooo yes!

    I’m sayin

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    Young Justice, original artwork.

    (Wondergirl, Bumblebee, Miss Martian, Supergirl, Batgirl) I’ve been binge watching the first season of Young Justice like crazy now that its on Netflix.  They should’ve just put both seasons out all at once…while announcing the revival of the show…now that would make a great birthday present.

    Speaking of birthdays, you can purchase this print from my store (Storenvy) as well as all of my other prints for 15% off using the promo code ARIES15 until April 9th!  Buy a few and help celebrate my birthday with me!

    Credited to illumistrations (I can’t find a name), LOOK at this piece!

    Gorgeous. I would KILL for this team!

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    Amazing displays of awesomeness by the amazing http://shaz-enrico.tumblr.com . S/O to Dougies , Terrio killin ‘em & Carltons.

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    Homie Don’t Play That

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    "no idea’s original, it’s nothing new under the sun, it’s never what you do but how it’s done…"

    ”..if you base your happiness around material, women & large paper, that means you inferior & not major…” - ab-soul.

    This is Nas, doggy

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    onward noble steed! [x]

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  14. We work in a police force full of dudes. We gotta have each other’s backs, okay?

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    Douglas Adams.

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